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Being a long time resident and supplier in Wangaratta, I am pleased to announce that the full range of TREK mobility scooters is now available for your inspection at Wangaratta Mobility Scooters.

The TREK scooters have outstanding performance stats, they give “more value for your buck”, and are sensibly priced! We give a 5-year Warranty on the scooters and a 12-month warranty on the batteries.

Please compare these Warranties with other suppliers’ brands of mobility scooters!

As an approved NDIS Provider working from my home office and dedicated Showroom, I can keep our overhead expenses down to a minimum, thus allowing our clients to benefit from my discounted pricing on all items.

We look forward to hearing from you, and then we can arrange a no-obligation inspection (and test drive) of the TREK mobility scooter that is best suited to your needs.

We will not be beaten on prices and service, that is our commitment!

Ian Wellwood – Proprietor

5 Years Warranty
on the TREK Mobility Scooters.
12 Months Warranty
on the Batteries.



What you should look for in a

Mobility Scooter

  • A comfortable, luxury reclining seat with suspension and a high back, a seat belt and an adjustable headrest.
  • Front and rear suspension to make your ‘scootering’ even more comfortable and enjoyable. Sturdy bodywork/frame (not flimsy, flexible mudguards and bumpers).
  • High capacity batteries, up to 75AH, for a guaranteed long and safe scooter performance, up to 45km on a single charge. With correct charging, you should expect up to two years or more use out of the batteries supplied with the TREK scooter!
  • Large pneumatic tyres (filled with puncture proofing sealant) giving a softer ride and allowing a large ground clearance (don’t get stuck on a gutter crossing). Don’t buy solid rubber tyres, very rough riding!
  • High/Low-Speed switch, great for presetting your trip ahead.
  • Adjustable swivel and slide seat features. LED Head and Taillights and turning indicators. Front and rear baskets and seat belts should come as standard.
  • Last but not least, our pricing will not be beaten. The 5 years Warranty on the TREK scooters plus the 12 months Warranty on the batteries will not be equalled by other suppliers!

  • We are waiting for your enquiry to arrange your no-obligation inspection (and test ride) at our Wangaratta showroom, please ring us on 0400 993 833

We are waiting for your enquiry, to arrange your no-obligation
inspection (and test ride) at our Wangaratta showroom.



Please ring Ian on 0400 993 833 or send an email request below, to organise a time and date that will suit you for your no-obligation inspection (and test drive) of the TREK mobility scooter that will best suit your needs.


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