What are the benefits of owning a TREK Mobility Scooter?

Increased Independence:

The ability to go anywhere, at any time will provide a real boost to your quality of life, helping you to rediscover your independence. Your TREK mobility scooter is essentially an electric vehicle that allows you to get out and about without the use of an assistant or carer.


Increased Confidence:

Mobility scooters have more than physical benefits. Psychological benefits from being able to leave the house when it suits you, and peace of mind for both you and your loved ones, make owning a high-quality TREK mobility scooter the perfect long term investment.


Easy To Operate:

The TREK range of mobility scooters is incredibly simple to manoeuvre and operate, wherever you wish to use them. The speed controls can be set to always ensure safe and comfortable riding, up to 45km on a single charge.


Injury Prevention:

Whether you’re older or just don’t have the physical strength, falls that cause injury to become a real risk. With the aid of a mobility scooter, the chances of fall-related injuries are decreased significantly. All TREK models are equipped with seat belts!


Road Safety:

TREK mobility scooters are designed to travel on the footpath and anywhere else pedestrians can go. They have not considered a motor vehicle and they must not travel on the road, except when crossing or where there is no footpath.


Safety & Awareness:

Before you head out on any trip, check your battery is fully charged and everything is properly secured. Just like any vehicle, you should not use your mobility scooter if you’re feeling unwell, tired or have been drinking.

When travelling outside, you’ll want to be seen by traffic and other pedestrians. All TREK scooters sold by Wangaratta Mobility Scooters come equipped with an orange safety flag.

Friendly Dog and Scooter

No, Kodi does not come with the scooter!